Waqas A. Khan

Waqas A. Khan

Generation gap in Pakistan


In Pakistan, the generation gap is increasing day-by-day.  Before I discuss this topic first try to understand its meaning. The generation gap in Pakistan is a difference of attitudes of generations that ultimately lead them to poor understanding of each other. The relationships don’t work out in an appropriate manner and generations instead of coming closer to each other become more distant. In Pakistan, the likeness towards the Western Culture in the youngsters is increasing day-by-day. They love to wear Western dresses and speak English. Speaking English is considered to be a mark of intelligence. Moreover, people categorize English as a status symbol language.


Each generation has its demands, requirements, opinions, and thoughts. Parents think with their point of view whereas children have their own perspective. Children usually have command on technology whereas parents don’t understand them, they are too busy doing jobs and fail to provide quality time to their children. In another case what we see is this that parents unnecessary interfere in lives of their children. Children get frustrated from parents. Both scenarios are wrong. Parents need to keep a balanced approach with their children. They should neither be too distant nor extraordinarily attached to them.

Parents need to keep an eye on their children without letting them know. They need to take out time for healthy discussion with their children. A friendly relation should be developed between parents so that children may quickly discuss their problems with them. Problems arise when children seek sanctuary in the company of bad friends because they think that thinking of their parents is outdated. They don’t want their parents to advise them. They want to live their lives without any interference. This all happens gradually, and when parents come to realize this, their children are gone quite far away from them.

The generation gap in Pakistan is destroying our cultural norms and traditions. Family ties are gradually disrupting. The main reason behind the generation gap is the advancement in technology. On one hand innovation in technology has provided multiple opportunities for progress and on the other hand, our family system is getting deteriorated by it. Technology has detached children from their parents. Children instead of listening to their parents prefer to spend time on social media. They love to watch movies and dramas but don’t like to spend their time with parents.

Previously, a role model for children were their parents and teachers, but now their role model is some Western celebrity who is a famous actor or singer. Neighbours were given their rights. People used to meet each other friendly. They used to share their sorrows with each other, but now people have no time for each other. We are living and working like machines. Our lifestyle is changing to a dangerous extent. We stay awake at night and sleep during the daytime and ultimately youth is deprived of the proper mode of communication that could take place between them and their parents.

Today’s generation is getting caught in drugs, porn movies, and many illicit activities. The main reason of youth of getting attraction towards drugs is the lack of attention that parents fail to give their children. They seek serenity in drugs and time comes when they have no control over themselves. Parents realize this very late and find so hard to bring their children towards the right path. Games have also polluted minds of children. They spend whole night and days playing games that put a very bad impact on their mind.

You see everyone is talking about ”Blue Whales”.  Have you tried to ponder that how this game is taking lives of hundreds of people? It’s because it tries to fulfill the gap between parents and children. Children find solace in this game because this game appreciates them for every task they do. Parents generally scold their children; they don’t understand them and compare them with other children. This creates an inferiority complex in children. This develops hatred in them for their parents. This keeps children distant. They find it hard to convey and share their problems with parents because they know that they will get a negative response. If parents stop comparing their children with others then also a lot of problems could be recovered.

Girls are generally not liked by some parents because they know that they will go to some other house one day. There are several cases where many fathers don’t like the birth of girls and stay distant from them. They either kill them or divorce their wives for giving birth to girls. The country will not progress, and generation gap will not be eradicated unless we wipe out such type of mentality. Parents need to treat their sons and daughters equally.

If a boy likes to marry a person of his choice, generally parents don’t consider it wrong, but if a girl does so it creates havoc, these are the painful points making generation gap deeper in the country. Unless the parents give ”right attention” to their children, the generation gap couldn’t be fulfilled. It doesn’t mean that now parents start putting allegations on their growth. It means that a spiritual, emotional and mental connection should be developed between parents and children.

Parents need to support their children and guide them politely with proper facts and figures to bring them to the right path. Only in this way, gradually generation gap in Pakistan can be finished. Raising children in an appropriate manner is a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of parents. They should fulfill it in a best possible manner. Their time shouldn’t be devoted to unnecessary activities. Parents instead of focusing on successful career need to focus on successful relationships with their children. They need to develop a proper work-life balance. So that their family lives shouldn’t get disturbed to work outside.

The changes in our societal norms are bringing a significant change in family relationships. That is because society invents the state and infuses it with parts of its ideas, ideals, energy, virtues, and vices. Society is constituted with relationships. More you infuse coordination, love, loyalty, and honesty in relations, more the society will prosper. Parents should stop unnecessary bashing on their children and replace it with kindness, softness, and loyalty. So that their children don’t seek them in other harmful resources like drugs, sex, pornography, theft, etc.

To be Continued….

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  1. Hello sir!
    I’m an interior designer. I’m researching the topic (generation gap) for my thesis. Is it possible if I can consult with you? Because there is a serious issue and nobody talked about it except you. please let me know.
    Thank you

  2. Hello sir!
    I’m an interior designer. I’m researching the topic (generation gap) for my thesis. Is it possible if I can consult with you? Because there is a serious issue and nobody talked about it except you. please let me know.
    Thank you

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